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The Boundary

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The Crimson Line in front of the L.O. Daniel “Cedar

Crest” Home on Jefferson Blvd just east of where

Sunset High School was to be built.

At the corner of Jefferson and Marlborough lies an area known in it’s heyday as “The Boundry”. It was at this point that you could change between the Interurban train and the train that went to Ft. Worth. Because of this location, many early businesses developed. Most of the original structures at the boundary still remain, although their tenants have changed over the years

The trolley coming from Downtown Dallas (as seen in the background) into Oak Cliff at the intersection of Jefferson Blvd and Addison.

The Clarendon Trolley Bridge

So what did it look like in an inter-urban trolley? Look above and see.

Saying Good Bye to the Past