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Calvary Baptist Church

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At one time Tenth Street was home to more churches located on one street than anywhere else in the United States. Of the 23 original churches that existed on 10th Street, today most of the churches are gone with only seven remaining. The church farthest west on 10th Street still stands, the Calvary Baptist Church. Calvary Baptist is located at 1822 W. Tenth Street on the corner of Tenth Street and Brighton. Calvary Baptist of Oak Cliff was established in 1914. It was initially located on the corner of 12th and Windomere. In 1924 ground broke for the building on 10th and Brighton. In 2002 Calvary Baptist of Oak Cliff merged with Westmoreland Heights Baptist Church and became the “New” Calvary Baptist of Oak Cliff.

In 1964 a facade was added to the front of the church and will probably keep the church from legally being historically landmark.

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